“Best Business Investment Yet. I received valued information to create systems for a productive and results oriented structure. Our time together forced me to work towards my goals and hold me accountable to take the necessary actions steps. I appreciated the attentiveness to what I verbalized in our coaching sessions.”

-Dawnyse Myers


“Immediate found an ally who knows how to get me from frazzled and systemless to organized and in a great position to meet and surpass my goals. Eager to work with you!”

-Mike Richardson


“Wonderful! Tikoshia is amazing! I love her approach to time management, including the incorporation of systems. I have a lot on my plate, and used to be great at keeping my schedule but lately have been struggling so she came into my life at the perfect time. I’m very much looking forward to our next session where we can implement and help get me organized!”

-Aisha Rios


“Amazing, talented and a pearl of wisdom. When you’re seeking a multi-level experience for your business ideas and venture to be, especially if you’re seeking guidance into next steps that will embody relate- ability, spiritual guidance and professionalism, Tikoshia is your resource. I had the awesome experience of gaining insight into my next steps and spend 60 minutes getting just that. Through a coaching session with Tikoshia, I was able to collect my thoughts, clarify my ideas and articulate a feasible plan to take my project, branding initiative and business to relevant next steps. This all came after one session of working with this jewel of a resource, Ms. Tikoshia. If you’re pondering where you go from your intuitive concept, don’t hesitate in taking your next steps to greatness but first, contact Tikoshia. She is sure to help you walk it out.”

-Felicia Smith


Tem Ti“Working with Tikoshia, I was able to effectively sort my business from my personal priorities and set them both into a weekly schedule that actually suited me at the times that I like to do things. It sounds simple enough to do, but part of the results of this process was to be able to set your life out on paper, look at it from a non-detached perspective and to make time for all the things that make you the whole person you are. That is the spiritual piece of the process that really brought everything together. It was simple to comprehend, straightforward, responsive, no -nonsense and always on-time! I have been able to create more time for things that not only maintain the status quo of my life, but also time is now available for other activities that engender growth and change like my reading and personal studies. I would absolutely recommend the service simply because it worked for me. Many of my clients get to a point of personal actualization, but after that they have to balance their new found personal direction in life with the mundane but necessary aspects of their old life. I see this process as incredibly helpful and insightful to that end.”

-Tem Ti Sahu Ra, Red Pill Life Management & Consulting


Miesha Jones“My meeting with Coach Tiko was an answer to prayers. Many times creatives are full of ideas but lack the skills to sort and process them effectively. Tiko has mastered the art or sorting through the mass of ideas and was able to generate a plan for my workshop series. I feel confident that we will work together again.”

-Miesha Jones, Love Jones Designs



Alexandrea Wilson
Website: http://coachalexandreaj.com/


“Tikoshia is honest, friendly and effective. She gets results! Our time together was incredibly insightful and increased my confidence. What I loved best about working with Tikoshia is that she is friendly and easy to talk to. Since working together I have successfully set up my MailChimp account and I feel like I have a great email marketing system in place. I will definitely recommend Tikoshia to others because she is very thorough, creative and intentional. There’s nothing I would have liked to see done differently.”

-Meshell Baker


coachkerri“As Coach Tiko’s mentor, I could not be more proud of what a great life coach she has turned out to be. She has already been successful in transforming the lives of quite a few women. Coach Tiko’s background and personal story allows her to empathize with the women she is coaching on a much deeper level which in turn creates change in their lives. She is a natural problem solver, intuitive, plugged into a lot of positive energy and very grounded.  She has a natural ability to lead and empower others. I highly recommend signing up with Coach Tiko for a consultation….it may change your life!”

~Coach Kerri R. Smith, CLC / www.KerriRSmith.com


photo“From the beginning, I was impressed with Coach Tiko’s efficient, professional manner. Her guidance has helped me immensely and renewed my fervor for life. I always look forward to our sessions because she provides a safe, nonjudgmental environment that allows me to be completely open.  She’s given me a wide range of tools that are helping me improve my quality of life. Her insight is priceless, and I’m excited to see how I’ll continue to grow with her assistance.”

Tonya White
Twitter:  @superthorough


“Working with Tikoshia helped me get honest with myself about what I want at this stage in my life.  She gave me the tools to take control of the changes in my life rather than passively accepting whatever comes my way.”

Lisa Carter


lraipic“Tikoshia has a way of seeing your potential even when you do not. Her no-holds-barred attitude towards living your life with purpose and pursuing your passions is refreshing and inspiring. She saw my love for fashion as an opportunity to pursue a different path in my life. Throughout the years and the challenges she encouraged me, provided me with insight and motivated me to push through to my goals. Truthfully if it was not for her prodding and encouragement I would not be in the position I am in today. She saw something great in me and helped me to cultivate that passion into a career. Even now, she is my goto for guidance and insight. I rarely make life altering decisions without first contacting her.”

L’Rai Arthur-Mensah
Twitter: @Rai_Monique
Website: raimonique.com


Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 11.47.06 PM

“My sessions with Coach Tiko have been totally eye opening! The resources and tools she presented have really helped to break bad habits, and in turn, approach my career and personal goals from an entirely new perspective. Her strategies have paid off tremendously. I feel like I am finally realizing my dreams!”

Camil Williams
Website: camilwilliams.com





Joann Guerilus
Writer and Director of Out of Character You Tube series: http://www.youtube.com/user/OutofCharacterSeries?feature=watch

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