Business Made Simple Action Plan Session

ALIGN Business Action Plan Session

As a Soulpreneur…

…you have been called to operate a business that is not only creative, but speaks to the soul of its clients & customers. Equipped with an amazing vision and mission, you are extremely passionate about what you do.

You’ve been inspired with great ideas for special programs, offerings or services for your clients; however, you find yourself challenged by one or more of the following:

  • The details on how to create and package your ideas for programs, services, or offerings seem overwhelming. You have no idea where to start.
  • The day-to-day maintaining and operating of your business is one big ball of stress! You’re starting to dread what was once a source of fulfillment and freedom…you want that old feeling back!
  • You’re extremely busy but not as productive as you feel you could be. This isn’t about being overly ambitious, you clearly see there are a lot of time wasters and energy drains present in your day to day operations, and you need support in how to operating more efficiently.
  • You’re a creative and it’s becoming harder and harder to tap into your creative flow. Creative tasks are feeling more forced and less enjoyable. What used to come easy for you now feels blocked and you need support getting your groove back.


Here’s what you need…

If any of the above are true for you, you need a plan. And not just any old plan…you need an action plan for your business that is:

  • easy to implement, 
  • eliminates stress, and 
  • gives you the freedom to enjoy your life OUTSIDE your business! 

Maybe you’ve been told that to be successful you simply need to work harder, or that maybe you need more discipline.

Maybe you feel that in order to be successful you have to sacrifice your own needs, your family, your friends, and not have a life whatsoever!

Or, even worse, maybe you feel as though you have to figure it all out on your own.

Maybe that works if you’re only working toward that one moment of success, that one day where you can say “I made it!”. But, what good is it to be “successful” all while having missed precious family moments, failing health, and tarnished relationships?

You went into business to enjoy the FREEDOM that it brings…where’s the freedom in that?

Business doesn’t have to be this way.

Are you ready to redefine success for yourself and plan a life and business on your own terms? What if you could enjoy each moment of your business and have each DAY be a success?

Are you ready to enter into a new way of operating your business? One that honors you, your health, your personal goals…one that allows you to enjoy your life OUTSIDE your business?


Here’s how I can help:

We’ll chat first and do a Business Made Simple Strategy Session where you can spill it and tell me everything about your business and what your goals are. Then we’ll meet again for a 90-minute Business Made Simple Action Plan Session! (I even include one 30-min follow up call in case you need it to troubleshoot or tweak your plan!!)

During our time together we will focus on ONE of the following…

Time Management
Enjoy a schedule that honors your creativity, your energy needs, and optimizes the times where you’re most creative so that you’re doing more of what you love AND maintaining your non-creative business needs!

Most importantly, you need a schedule that creates BALANCE in your life and nurtures your most precious asset…YOU! It’s not about becoming more disciplined. It’s about making purposeful time to give yourself the self care that you need and then allowing your business tasks and responsibilities to fall around you that.

When we talk during this action plan session, we’ll first start talking about your personal needs and goals. Yes, you love your business, but what else do you love, enjoy and are passionate about? What do you need daily, weekly, and/or monthly to nurture and take care of you and to be your best?

Then we’ll discuss your short-term and long-term goals for your business and create a plan to attain those goals all while honoring your personal needs and goals.

Your Service Offerings, Products & Workshops

Create amazing, fun, and transformative packages for your clients that they’ll rave about! Not sure how to best deliver your workshops, how long they should be, how to conduct them, etc? This action plan session will sort everything out!

It’s important to start with the end in mind. What do you want your clients to walk away with after working with you? What are the biggest takeaways that you want them to have after completing your program?

We’ll discuss what your clients challenges are and your best solutions for them. We’ll look at the best ways for your clients to receive this information: in a group setting or one-on-one, live or virtual, using audio or video, etc.

Then we’ll create a plan to create, implement, and execute. What support will you need? What systems would be best to support you in maintaining your new program? Will you need to hire help? We’ll answer all of these questions and more and plan everything out all the way up until the actual launch date!

Stress-free Systems
If you’re a solopreneur, chances are you’re spending what feels like 90% of your time marketing, answering emails, updating your website, and following up with potential clients, 10% of your time doing what you love, and hardly any time enjoying your life outside your business! We will look at tools and systems you can use to free up your time and make running your business much easier!

Your business should be able to run while you’re sleep and even while you’re on vacation! And, if it’s not then this plan is perfect for you!

Examples of systems include:

  • time management
  • follow up marketing
  • building your email list
  • creating and maintaining a relationship with prospective clients
  • friendly client reminders of sessions, calls, and deadlines
  • email management
  • maintaining relationship with past clients
  • social media management
  • and more!

Once you have systems in place, you have more FREEDOM to do what you love…you get more time, less stress, and more MONEY!

We’ll look how you’re currently operating and customize systems that will work for you and your business.


Ready to get started?

To get started, let’s first meet for a Business Made Simple Strategy Session. 

During this call we will assess where you are in your business, what is working, what isn’t working, and what your big goals are. We’ll then get really clear on what your next steps are in order to make your business your dream business!

We’ll also talk more in detail about the Business Made Simple Action Plan Session and whether it’s appropriate for you and your business.

After this call you will walk away having:

  • A complete audit of your business where we’ll uncover hidden challenges that are keeping you from experiencing balance, peace and freedom in your business,
  • A crystal clear vision of what success really looks like for you, your life, and your business (it’s always more than just money!), and
  • A next step action plan that includes the very systems you need to put in place to create and maintain balance, attract more clients & make more money (without having to work so hard!)

Book your Business Made Simple Strategy Session today by visiting this link here:

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