Easing into New Routines in your Business Successfully

easing into new routines


It never failed! Every time I tried easing into new routines or habits in my business, I would start off good and then fall off track. Just like with New Year’s resolutions, no matter how great my intentions were, I couldn’t stick with it!

This wasn’t good for my moral either. Each time I started and stopped, I reinforced the belief that I couldn’t be successful. I further beat up on myself by comparing myself with the highlight reels of others on social media. “Why can’t I be like them?”, I’d ask.

I thought I simply needed to be more disciplined. I needed to be harder on myself, suck it up and just do it. But what I learned through researching this problem blew my mind. I read a book entitled, “The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level”, by Gary Hendricks. I recommend you read it, too.

Inside he talks about how we all have internal limits that we set for ourselves. These limits determine how low we’ll allow ourselves to go, as well as how high we’ll allow ourselves to grow! This means that when you’re going to a higher level in your business, your upper limits will quickly come in to stop you from going too high.

Crazy, right? But this is also exciting news! Because that means that everything you’re experiencing is totally normal. The illness that pops up randomly as you’re getting ready to start writing your next book, that emergency that comes up the week you’ve decided to start blogging regularly, or the sudden loss of interest/motivation is all a part of you “protecting” yourself from growing past your upper limit!

Why do we have this upper limit? One word: FEAR. Fear of the unknown, success, or failure are the most common ones that we allow to hold us back. If you find yourself running up against your upper limit ask yourself, what am I afraid of? Knowing the root of your fear is the first step toward maintaining your new routines. As you sense yourself losing momentum, you can then address your fear.

In addition to facing your fears, I want to share some other tips to support you in easing into new routines in your business and maintaining consistency.

Take baby steps

To make easing into new routines easier, it’s best to take baby steps. If you’re overly ambitious like me, you set BIG goals! You see what needs to be done and you go all in, ready to tackle the next project head on.

But if you haven’t been posting regularly to social media, for example, it’s not a good idea to set a goal to post 5 times a day everyday starting next week. Instead, start with a baby step of 3 times a week for the next month. Then, once you’ve mastered that you can increase your goal the following month.

So whether you’re implementing a new morning routine, blogging schedule, or marketing plan, break it down into baby steps over a longer period of time. Your ability to stay consistent and reach your end goal will be a lot more successful this way.

Let go of perfectionism

For years I strived for a level of success that’s impossible for anyone to attain. And while it has it’s upsides, it definitely has it’s downsides. When you’re not performing as you think you should, or when things aren’t coming together in the way that you’d like, procrastination, shut down, and hiding can set in.

So in other words, if it’s not perfect, you end up keeping your gifts hidden because it doesn’t look pretty. And when it comes to taking care of yourself and maintaining supportive routines in life and business, you can never stay consistent.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you let go of perfectionism for good:

Done is better than perfect – Getting the job done and getting the job done “perfectly” are two different things. But at the end of the day, what’s important is simply getting it done. And waiting until it’s perfect means it’ll never get done!

Progress is progress – Things may not move as fast as you want them to, but any forward movement is progress. Focus on maintaining momentum NOT linear success!

Get an accountability partner – Having an accountability partner, who’s opinion you respect, will support you tremendously in overcoming procrastination and hiding.

Celebrate your progress along the way

Acknowledging your accomplishments along the way really helps to keep you motivated and maintain your momentum. Most times we don’t give ourselves credit or celebrate our accomplishments until we’ve achieved our end goal. But the journey to the end can be a long and arduous one.

Positive reinforcement following a behavior makes it more likely that it will occur again. I’m sure you can remember getting awards in school (or possibly even at work!) for achievement, recognition, excellence or completion.

Now that you’re working for yourself, it’s up to you to be your own cheerleader! I suggest creating a celebration journal where you can acknowledge yourself DAILY, and give yourself kudos for your efforts and a job well done.

If you found these tips helpful, or want some further support on easing into new routines in your business, I’d love to chat with you! Join me this Sunday at 6p EST when I’ll be going LIVE on Facebook (fb.com/coachtiko) to discuss this topic and more! See you Sunday!


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